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Visual Arsenal

Create amazing graphics + templates for your business. DIY your brand photography. Grow your online brand.

It's time to equip your VISUAL ARSENAL with this action-packed course and THREE brand-changing bonus trainings.

Making your brand stand out online takes not only amazing content + your quality products, but engaging graphics and attractive on-brand photography as well. That's where Visual Arsenal comes in.

Visual Arsenal is a targeted training on the graphics and original photography that you need to help your brand explode online. BUT. We're gearing it towards bloggers, infopreneurs, creatives, and online brand owners who need to create great, original visuals, like NOW, without being overwhelmed with a bunch of useless information and software features you'll never use. You can catch all the details and lessons below, but here's the gist . . .

Visual Arsenal includes three major categories of lessons PLUS three amazing bonus workshops + trainings.

Visual Arsenal Trainings

  • #GraphicsSchool: Tips, tricks, and actual tutorials on creating blog post images, infographics, content mockups, easy Twitter share graphics ("click to tweet" images), square social media images, eBook covers, Facebook ads, sidebar graphics, and more.
  • #PhotographySchool: Targeted tips and lessons on original photography, types of cameras, understanding your DSLR, using your mobile phone, photograph composition, the best lenses, lighting, product photography, editing your photos on your mobile and your computer, and so much more.
  • #ZeroToFinishedProduct: How to put your photography together with your graphics knowledge and create custom images, how to plan for lifestyle photography to enhance your Instagram and social media presence, epic shot lists with several photo idea, and more.

Bonus Workshops

  • Blog Like a Mag: A 3-hour training on how to treat and grow your blog like a magazine. The intense workbook and 75-page slide deck are included with your lifetime access to the workshop video.
  • Serious Social: A 2-hour training on how to use Instagram and Pinterest effectively. Your 43-page workbook and epic slide deck will give you several amazing ideas on how to get serious about social media for your brand.
  • #WorkbookSchool: A 1-hour Adobe InDesign training plus a 30-minute Apple Pages tutorial on how to create amazing workbooks for your brand. You will also receive actual templates that you can download and modify immediately.

Let's take a deeper look at all the lessons, brand applications, and bonuses you get with Visual Arsenal!


Part One: #GraphicsSchool

Through two actionable workshop sessions and your workbook, you will learn how to create:

Blog post templates



Click to tweets

Social media images

Sidebar graphics

Facebook ads

eBook Covers

and more

During the #GraphicsSchool sessions of Visual Arsenal, you will not only learn HOW to create essential brand graphics, but you will get key tips on how to implement them, the elements they should include to be effective, and the best places to get free + paid resources to enhance each graphic type.

Example cover photos you will learn how to make during Visual Arsenal.

The first session alone was worth the price of #VisualArsenal! -KJ


Part Two: #PhotographySchool

There are three deep dive sessions that will help you start taking better pictures immediately. Some of the topics covered include:

Maximizing your smartphone camera

Shooting with your DSLR in manual mode

Photo composition

Working with natural light

Best mobile apps for photo editing

Photoshop editing essentials


Part Three: Going from #ZeroToFinishedProduct

In this epic session, you will learn:

How to take a photo from your raw file, move it through edits, add graphics, and create an email header or banner from it

Product photography basics (plus an epic shot list with several ideas)

Lifestyle photography basics (plus a super helpful shot list)


Bonus One: Blog Like a Mag Workshop + Workbook

Make your blog into a brand you love with this three-hour workshop.

This pre-recorded training comes with slides, lesson, and worksheets to help you master all of the sections below. And P.S. Blog Like a Mag is taught from the experience and perspective of a mag publisher and full-time blogger--this deep dive into key elements of the publishing world that can be applied to blogging will change your world!

1. Masthead

2. Cover photos

3. Titles

4. Content

5. Formatting

6. Graphics

7. Original photography

8. Editing

9. Editorial calendar

10. Copy + voice

Blog Like a Mag comes with an epic 65-page workbook!

And the actionable 75-page slide deck!

People love Blog Like a Mag and all the tips and resources shared!

Blog Like a Mag is for you if (1) you are just starting a blog and really, really want to create something that matters and gets noticed, plus something that can be monetized in the future, or (2) you have been blogging for a while and you want to refresh your blog and figure out what isn't working or why it's not getting the traffic or readership you expected.


Bonus Two: Serious Social Workshop + Workbook

This 2-hour training gives you all of the Instagram + Pinterest greatness you can handle. We cover and share:

A social media overview for online brands

An epic social media menu (as in: what to share)

What's possible with Instagram

How to grow your audience with Instagram

Must-have apps for Instagram

The Pinterest 101 overview

How to get set up well on Pinterest and what to pin

How to get blog traffic with Pinterest

How to sell on Pinterest

How to grow your following with Pinterest


Bonus Three: #WorkbookSchool Tutorials + Ready-to-Use Templates

We are taking you through step-by-step videos and templates to create your own workbooks in Adobe InDesign and the new version of Apple Pages. You'll be able to just modify the templates we made for you or use the videos to learn how to create documents from scratch.


Who is Visual Arsenal for?

Visual Arsenal is for you if (1) you want to bring clarity to your brand visuals (graphics and original photography) plus create time-saving templates for your graphics and promotion collateral, or (2) you have been creating great content or products through your brand for a while and you realize you need to refresh and perfect your brand's appearance online to stand out more and grab your ideal audience's attention, or (3) you are just starting an online brand and really, really want to create create something that matters and gets noticed--you want to work hard from the jump and build something meaningful.

Meet your hosts.

Hi, I'm Regina {left-side picture}. And I'll be your main tour guide through Blog Like a Mag as well as one of your two guides through Serious Social and Visual Arsenal. I've been blogging for several years on multiple blogs, so I've been through all the trial and error imaginable.

But, I noticed something epic a couple years ago--the first blog I took incredibly seriously, and applied several visual concepts I learned as a magazine publisher to, was the first blog to get sponsorship offers, get over one million visitors, and employ other people full time. At, I create actionable content for creatives, sell courses and books, and am now partnering with a few key creative brands to bring in-person events to locations around the world.

All of the concepts I used to grow my blog stem from my time publishing a local Austin magazine, my time as a graphic designer and web person, and now as a magazine creator and publisher with I will be sharing truly useful information, tips, + brand activities during this course and all the bonuses, and I hope to see you there!

Hey, I'm Verick {right-side picture},and I kind of hate bios but Regina says I need one so . . .

Like some of you, I am new to the world of blogging. I got an MBA and spent some time working for a large tech company before deciding to take the plunge and pursue my passions as an entrepreneur.

Now I am building a lifestyle brand focused on travel and creating location independent businesses. In the process of building my brand, I've gotten really excited about beautiful aesthetics and the power of Instagram. I've been practicing lifestyle photography, learning the power of user-generated content, and building my Instagram following to over 12,000 people (@BlackTieNomad). I'm here to share with you what I've learned, and also to learn from you. I'll be your main guide on original photography during Visual Arsenal and Blog Like a Mag, as well as your guide on Instagram in Serious Social.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts on March 31st, but you get instant access to the bonus workshop (Blog Like a Mag) and its intense 65-page workbook!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 14 days after purchase and we will issue you a refund!

This course is not open for enrollment.