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Online Workshop Ninja

How to plan, promote, deliver, and profit from amazing online workshops.

An action-packed course on planning, hosting, promoting, and packaging epic workshops that grow your audience and make you some honest, epic money.

One way to make a fun and meaningful living online while helping others is infopreneurship–making money with your mind. And one of the best ways to teach and help others with your knowledge and experience is online workshop.

I've done over 50 online workshops in the past year--some free, some that helped grow my email list, some that earned me 5-figures, and some that I did just to inspire + educate others. I've learned a lot about creating workshops of all different types, and I want to help you add them to your business model.

"If there’s one thing Regina does epically, it’s infoproducts. And live online workshops. Okay, that’s two things, don’t judge my counting abilities. But she does them both so well and I always, without fail, come away from her products (free or otherwise) jazzed and full to the brim with knowledge that’s actionable."

- Tors Grantham, Video + Audio Magician


I want to introduce you to the methods, sales paths, outlining, processes, planning, and promoting that I've done over the past two years of doing online workshops that have helped me grow my email list (to 20K+ contacts) and business.

Trust me.

Workshops can be a fun and meaningful part of any blogging, freelancing, coaching, or infopreneuring brand.

Check out my 8 reasons to host workshops below, plus the full course outline.

Hosting workshops . . .

1. Helps people to start to see you as a teacher and an expert in your niche. A great workshop topic, attractive graphics to support your event, a simple sign up process, and a helpful agenda/worksheet to go along with it and you will seem professional, experienced, and amazing.

This impression goes a long way whether you’re providing services, trying to line up speaking opportunities, or creating information products, membership programs, or coaching/mastermind groups.

2. Causes you to create actionable worksheets, tips, and content so that you can see if you even have enough material, information, etc. to create a full course/program out of your topic, or if it might be better as a book, or if it should be a one-on-one service, or be left alone as a workshop, or abandoned completely, or done as a collaboration, or made into a group program, etc.

3. Gives you tons of packaging options. You can use your workshop as a free opt-in event conducted live, a free opt-in conducted live and then packaged as an evergreen opt-in or product bonus, a free opt-in conducted live and then sold afterward, or a paid product . . . among other options.

4. Allows you to test out EVERYTHING. It would be horrible to waste time (or money) developing something as intense as a course or book that turns out to not actually work for you or your audience. Developing worksheets, slides, and a script or bullet points of info for your workshop will help you figure out if the content works for you, of course, but actually presenting the information to your audience will allow you to get a real understanding of how it works for them. Was it too long? Too short? Too hard? Too confusing? Just right? Etc.

5. Helps you create a larger product or series as you go. Instead of planning one major resource (think course, online school, etc.) and leaving it looming over you, you’re able to plan it and create small sections/modules of it as workshops. #Brilliant

6. Gives you an additional price point to serve your audience with, as well as a different level of intensity/urgency of information–many times, a workshop will be more actionable and comprehensive than a blog post, eBook, or other type of resource.

Serving your audience at varying levels of need (amount of information, price, learning style, etc.) is a way to show you care and to impress your ideal people.

7. Allows you to have a more personal, more in-depth Q+A session with your audience (than sending a survey via email or some such method). It’s more valuable for them and more valuable for you. They get their questions answered live and you get way more feedback or input that you can apply to a paid product or service. If you listen to the questions and chat happening during a workshop, you may literally get ideas for the exact words to use and the exact way to frame your paid products to build a better item and get better sales results.

8. Gets you used to creating videos. Whether you decide to screencast, share presentation slides, or turn the camera on yourself to present, you will get used to creating videos, editing, getting good sound, being more and more comfortable on screen/audio, hosting videos, and more.

If you decide to create full courses, or make videos a significant part of your content strategy, then completing workshop after workshop will only make you more awesome at creating videos and courses in general.

Online Workshop Ninja covers everything from planning, positioning, promoting, and preparing your workshop, to producing, performing, packaging, and repurposing your content. You'll know the exact tools, software, setup, and event flow you need to run each time based on your audience and brand goals for your workshop. Check out the course outline toward the bottom of this page for everything you'll learn.

Your Instructor

Regina Anaejionu
Regina Anaejionu

I am an infopreneur who creates content for creative business owners, bloggers, freelancers, and generally awesome people. My belief is that you are legendary, so I create articles, videos, courses, workbooks, and books that help you reveal your true creative epicness. I want your readers to love you, your new customers to go crazy over you, and your fans to create #hashtags in your honor. That is all.

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When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 14 days and I will give you a full refund.

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